Swift-Cantrell Park Splash Pad Grand Opening

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Summer has officially begun in Kennesaw. The brand new Splash Pad at Swift-Cantrell Park opened today with a ribbon cutting ceremony honoring those who played a role in its funding and construction. The joint effort between Cobb County, The City of Kennesaw, and The Swift-Cantrell Park Foundation went from ground breaking to completion in under three months.

“This was an incredible group effort from its inception to opening day,” Swift-Cantrell Park Foundation President, Lee Johnson explains. “We are incredibly proud and thankful for the work everyone did to make this a part of our great park”.

The 3,200 square foot Splash Pad features fountain spray, ground geyser, jet stream, and multiple sea silhouettes. The attraction was primarily funded by SPLOST dollars with a generous contribution from the Swift-Cantrell Park Foundation closing the gap.

“The hard work that everyone dedicated to this project immediately paid off as soon as the bursts of laughter were heard from the first kids in the Splash Pad,” beams Swift-Cantrell Park Foundation member, Lee Elliott. “The kids and members of this community inspired it all.”

The Splash Pad is open 10:00 am – 7:00 pm through Labor Day.

Special thanks to Kennesaw Mayor Derek Easterling, Kennesaw City Manager Jeff Drobney, Kennesaw Parks and Rec Director Doug Taylor, Cobb County Commissioners Bob Weatherford and Joann Birrell, the Swift-Cantrell Park Foundation, and the residents of Kennesaw. Enjoy your new Splash Pad.

8 Comments on “Swift-Cantrell Park Splash Pad Grand Opening”

  1. Jessica Jones

    My husband was trying to enter the splash pad today and there were two ladies charging cash to enter. Is there a fee? I thought there was no cost. Making sure nothing fishy was going on. He had to leave and take them somewhere else. We don’t carry cash anymore.

    1. Lee Elliott

      Hello Jessica,
      Yes, there is a small charge of $2 to enter into the Splash Pad. It helps cover the cost of the water, maintenance, and park monitors. I’ll make a recommendation to the City of Kennesaw to have the ability to accept credit cards on site. I hope you can make it back to the park and enjoy the Splash Pad soon.

  2. Britany

    Drove from Marietta on Friday and it was closed for maintenance. Is there a “live” place that closings could be posted as to not disappoint our kiddos? Fb didn’t even post. 🙁

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