Swift-Cantrell Park is quickly becoming a favorite place for many people in the community. Tell us your favorite part of the park or story you would lie to share:

8 Comments on “Share Your Swift-Cantrell”

  1. Kathy Saranillas

    I have trained at the park for a few years for marathons and enjoy sharing the park with my family and friends every week of the year..I cannot drive past the park without wanting to stop for a stroll.

  2. Sarah Simon

    I have been running at this park ever since it opened. I am able to go there straight after work and change in the bathroom and if I forget water there is a water fountain ever quarter mile. Today, while I was running and probably looking very droopy because its so hot outside, one of the men who look over the park noticed me not looking very good and brought me a Vitamin water. Little things like that make for long time memories. I just love this park and the people who work there.

  3. Jamie

    Swift Cantrell Park has become the go to place for meeting up with friends. The playground provides great opportunities for all age ranges. The skate spot was perfect, my son age 7 was able to skate it. Can not wait to see the Skate Plaza complete.

  4. chris

    Don’t go there if your kids want to play with their electric rc cars there. electric toys are banned. what a joke. where is this Russia? Next they will ban kites.. oh and watch out for the grounds keepers, they think they are cops or homeland security of the park..

    1. RonStebenne

      Thank you for your comment Chris. We cannot speak for the parks department but know they always anticipate where problems may arise and consider the safety of all visitors to the park. While we understand your frustration, the park has over 500,000 visitors a year. That’s a lot of people to be responsible for. We hope you will understand and continue to visit the park and enjoy our wonderful community amenity.

  5. Kathy

    Why are skate boarders allowed on the walking/running trail? I was almost hit twice while walking. They come flying down the hills and around the curbs showing total disregard for others. They think it’s funny, so why is the park allowing this. I have seen no signs banning this. Can anything be done before someone gets hurt?

    1. RonStebenne

      We will forward your concern to the parks department. We understand and share your view that blatant disregard for others walking on the path is unacceptable whether by skaters, bikers, runners etc.. While there are some skateboarders that lack regard for others, the majority are polite and know how to be courteous. Thanks for letting us know.

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