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Thanks to the help of some wonderful skate parents/relatives and skaters, the Kennesaw Skatepark hosted another successful local’s contest awarding Reece Rung a certificate and an Ambush skateboard deck for Skater of the Month at the conclusion of the event.

Parents and skaters worked together to develop the Freestyle Jam Contest at 3 locations in the Skatepark.  They also took care of registration and judging the 3 sessions that included contests in 3 skate areas of the park.

And the winners are:

Kicker Contest

1st          Nathaniel Steel

2nd         Sam Henrie

3rd         Taylor Nunez

A-Frame Contest

1st          Landon Brown

2nd        Darius Greene

Bump 3 Contest  

1st         Landon Buffington

2nd       Preston Wysochi

3rd        Andrew Evans

Parent and Skater Support Team w-Reece Rung Skater of the Month Ron Stebenne w Reece Rung Skater of the Month Reece Rung Skater of the Month with Ron Stebenne

These monthly contests are supported by the local skate merchants by providing awards for the contest winners and for a deserving ‘Skater of the Month’.  The Parent & Skater Support Team and locals’ contests was established by the Swift-Cantrell Park Foundation in cooperation with the Kennesaw Parks and Recreation Department for the purpose of continuing to provide a positive atmosphere at the park and provide fun opportunities for our local skaters.  For questions about how you may be involved, contact Ron Stebenne, Public Relations Coordinator, at


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