Go Skateboarding Day

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Celebrate the official holiday of the action sport known as skateboarding. Enjoy an evening of skateboarding activities, contests, demonstrations and fun. Event will also feature music, giveaways, and food/beverage vending. Admission is free.

2 Comments on “Go Skateboarding Day”

  1. Amy

    Swift Cantrell is in first place right now to win a $100,000 grant from Coke! The contest runs unil July 15. We could use this money for the skate park! We are beating out state parks right now! We need to win to get this skatepark! This is the voting link. Otherwise you can go on kennesaw parks and recreations Facebook page and they have he link there. http://m.livepositively.com/park_details.jsp?parkId=4bae5a91f964a520d0a63be3 It would be awesome to get that money for the skate park!! Spread the word!

  2. Maren

    Well done. I introduced my son to skobitaardeng when he was 3 or 4 yrs old i don’t want him to be the next Ryan Sheckler or anything like that. I just wanted him to take part in something that was non competitive, team/jock orientated. He would come back from Soccer practice when he was 4 or 5 yrs old, all dejected if was on the losing side or didn’t score, or picked for the team. He’s been skating solidly for a while now, and his 5 yr old brother started a year or so ago. We all go out as family and it amazes me how most people are so friendly and accepting. If you skate you skate doesn’t matter how good you are, or how old you are, or what race you are. I would recommend it to anyone yes if over the age of 30 yrs old it does hurt a bit more, and your balance is not as good as it was, but you relearn those skills fairly quickly.

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