4th Annual Swift Cantrell Classic

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Join Swift Cantrell Park on May 11, 2013 in downtown Kennesaw for our annual Swift Cantrell Classic, A Mother’s Day Race for More Play Space 5k! The race begins at 7:30 a.m. followed by a free pancake breakfast and awards ceremony.

(must register by May 9th)


DOWNLOAD the registration form here

The Swift Cantrell Classic is the first of six races in the Kennesaw Grand Prix. All proceeds from the race benefit the Swift-Cantrell Foundation for capital improvements at Swift Cantrell Park.

2 Comments on “4th Annual Swift Cantrell Classic”

  1. Lisa K.

    The Swift-Cantrell Classic is a great race and we attend every year! It’s a nice, mostly flat course that runs through the park and then ends with a pancake breakfast. What more can you ask for?! 🙂

  2. Mandi H.

    Thank you for hosting the race on Saturday. I enjoyed it, as always. I really liked the ladies cut shirt and simple design on the front!

    A few bits of feedback/suggestions if you will please.

    1. The awards were a little late. I know they have to be confirmed, but they are usually earlier.

    2. The announcer of the awards could pick up the pace a bit. Waiting for every winner to come to the front before going to the next place would speed things up a bit and make it more enjoyable for us waiting for our awards!

    3. I love all of the children who are in your program and are getting out and running! I wish I had discovered running at a young age. However, I believe race etiquette should become part your program. I know they are exciart line if ted and want to be at the start line, but the need to be taught that faster runners should be up front and slower runners to the rear. I don’t have an issue with allowing them to start at the start line, maybe off to the side in a designated area, but allowing them to start right up front created a possible hazard, tripping, etc.

    Thanks for listening to my suggestions and comments.

    Thanks again.

    See you at the next race!

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